Residential Care

full time residential care in Dickleburgh

Give your loved one the gift of a safe, happy & enjoyable life in their autumn years

When the time comes for your loved one to need full time residential care it can be very difficult and distressing for everyone. You may feel a little guilt that you can no longer cope with looking after them at home, even though you want to. You might also have concerns over paying for the care and that they won’t be looked like you look after them.

And let’s face it, no one really wants to move into a care home so your loved one might even refuse to go, despite the obvious need.

Choose the right home & both you & your loved one will be happy

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a care home that looks after your loved one with the same loving care that you do? A home where they’ll fit right in, make new friends and actually really enjoy life.

That's exactly what you'll find at Culrose House.

Staff are always kind to residents and welcoming to visitors

Sandy P Daughter of Resident

Culrose has a very calm, warm and friendly atmosphere. My father, although confused about many things, is grateful for the care he receives. With 20 residents, Culrose is small enough to be "homely" and not institutional and the Staff are always kind to residents and welcoming to visitors.

It is a difficult decision to "put your parent in a home" but my Dad and his family have been happy with our choice of Culrose.

How full time residential care at Culrose House will benefit your loved one

We believe at Culrose House we’ve created the ideal environment for your elderly loved one to re-discover their joy in life and to get the best out of their later years.

Here's why.

We’re a small community where everyone knows each other and looks out for each other.

Culrose’s small 18 room size means that all the staff know all the residents and all the residents know each other. There’s a genuine community feel to the place and this really helps our residents to enjoy life more, especially if they’ve previously lived alone for a number of years and have been unable to get out much.It can be quite a revelation and many residents comment they wish they’d moved in much earlier!

The home has a familiar friendly style, just like their own home

If your loved one has come from the local community the chances are they don’t live in a huge house and wouldn’t feel particularly at home in one. Large corporate ‘Travel Lodge’ style homes may seem attractive to us, the younger generation, because we’re used to them.

However, for mum or dad they can seem like large, anonymous, intimidating, institutional style buildings that are a world away from what they’re used to.

They’re so big that you can’t get to know everyone and rattling down those long corridors to see those you do know can be a real chore.

They’ll feel much more at home with the cosy, comfortable, traditional feel of the rooms at Culrose House where everything is easily accessible and you don’t need a walkie talkie just to hold a conversation across the living room.

We employ nice people. We don’t employ people to be nice

Your loved one needs to know like and trust our staff members completely if they are to feel comfortable in letting them care for them - and so do we.

So, we have a stringent, in-depth recruitment procedure to ensure that only the most caring and understanding of individuals get to care for your loved one. They are selected not because they want a job, rather because caring for people is their vocation.

This is truly important and often over looked in larger homes where there is often a regular turnover of staff and high pressure to recruit and fill a large workforce.

They’ll enjoy traditional home cooking & great fun activities

There’s always something fun and engaging for your loved one to get involved in at Culrose House. We don’t need a much of an excuse for a party and have had great fun with Wimbledon tennis days with lots of strawberries and cream and Derby days with everyone ‘betting’ on their own horse.

We pride ourselves on providing friendship and helping our residents to regain their independence and enjoyment of life through providing daily activities that they used to like but have stopped doing recently. Things like visiting the shops, doing arts and crafts, playing bingo or even popping down to the local pub.

Then there’s the delicious mouth watering food which everyone looks forward to. Our chef doesn't have a Michelin star or come from a fancy restaurant, he just has a lifetime experience of preparing tasty nutritious meals.

So at Culrose House your loved one will continue to enjoy some of the most important things in life: friendship, fun and true home cooking at it’s best - the way it’s always been done!

What to do now

For more information about what life will be like here for your loved one please click here to visit the 'Your Life At Culrose' page.

We hope that after viewing our website you'll feel that Culrose House looks like the sort of home your loved one would like to live in. However there's no substitute for actually experiencing the atmosphere in the home and talking directly to the staff and residents yourself.

So we'd like to invite you on a personal guided tour to really get to know the home. We'll take you for a good look around and afterwards you can talk to whomever you please and wander round yourself as much as you like. 

We want you to be absolutely sure this is the right home for you, so you're also more than welcome to join us for a day to meet everyone, get involved and see what life is like first hand. Or you can simply join us for lunch and one of the many entertainment sessions if a whole day is not convenient. 

To arrange your personal guided tour please call us on 01379 778250 or click here to email us. Or feel free to call in anytime for a look around. The kettle's always on and we'd love to meet you.

P.S Culrose House is a very popular home and is often full. To avoid disappointment please call to check room availability before embarking on a long journey to see the home.